David Shen Ventures, LLC is currently working with these and other companies:

The world is becoming a different place: everyone is going to be carrying around a super computer in their pockets. We can see the future that is enabled by these devices. We are making that future happen.

Aerin Medical is developing a non-invasive medical device that offers the same dramatic improvement in snoring and nasal airflow as surgery.

At betaworks, nimble, loosely connected companies match users, data and content to create superb products, great API's and profitable businesses.

Shorten, share, and track your links.

Girlfriend-approved clothes for the lazy man. Bombfell is a monthly subscription for clothes. Join now to get clothes personally selected for you by a stylist, so you can spend your time doing awesome guy stuff.

Dekko is developing smartphone software that places digital content into the real world, but in a way that feels completely natural.

Bringing technology to restaurants.

Internet enabled baby monitors.

ideeli is a members-only shopping community for trendsetting young women.

Knack combines three fashionable trends: gaming, the use of massive amounts of data and the application of behavioural insights from science.

Your expert guide to all things spirits and cocktails related.

We make really accurate and useful indoor maps of your favorite places.

Introducing our latest iPhone, iPod touch & iPad application: Miso Music, featuring our patent-pending method that can teach anyone the guitar.

Nutrivise is a nutrition solution that recommends in real-time specific meals based on a client's individual needs and location.

OutSpark offers a virtual playground featuring free games, friends, and fun.

Applicant Tracking and Hiring Solutions for Non-Professional Hirers.

Quincy combines bespoke and ready-to-wear by rethinking traditional clothing sizes allowing women to shop by bust, body shape, and height.

Supplyhog is creating a better way to buy building materials so you can Get Ship Done(tm).

Tie Society is Netflix for ties.

Tripping is the largest vacation and short term home rentals site on the planet. We also have a thriving community of travelers who use Tripping to enjoy free homestays and cultural exchange.

Revolutionizing the industry with its real-time, "Ideas Anywhere" solution, making idea generation not only easy to integrate, but so cost-effective that any size company or organization can redefine how they learn, share and evolve their offerings.

Portfolio company exits:

The ultimate media hub for online entertainment fans to create, share and enjoy fan fiction while being given an "on ramp to the big time." Acquired in 2008.

Loudwater Labs, Inc. is the maker of an upcoming financial services website, Thrive. Acquired by Tree.com in early 2009.

Goodrec is the easiest way to make, find and remember recommendations among friends. Mob.ly's team brings together deep product design experience, technology expertise and a passion for building world-class mobile experiences. Acquired by Groupon.com in May 2010.

Join thousands of students who are learning languages and preparing for exams in live, one-on-one video chat tutoring sessions. Acquired by Camelback Education Group in June 2010.

We provide free forum hosting, the forum software, forum installation, and promotion of your forum. Acquired by Crowdgather in June 2010.

Pioneering a new dimension for online publishers by integrating pop culture games into their websites. These casual games are contextually relevant to publisher content and are centered around current events and the latest trends in entertainment, fashion and sports. Acquired by Mindspark Interactive Network/IAC in late 2010.

Dizzywood is an exciting, story-driven virtual world for kids. Acquired by Secretbuilders in 2010.

Through TapZilla.com and AppRebates.com, we have giving out more than 20,000 paid applications to our users. We've pioneered the method of connecting developers with users by giving away paid applications for free. Acquired in 2011.

Seamless Receipts is the most effective way to engage customers after they leave your store. eReceipts. Targeted Promotions. Personalized Communications. Acquired by Sailthru in 2012.