David Shen Ventures, LLC works with entrepreneurs and startups to give them an edge over the competition. Employing design, creativity, and user centered approaches, David Shen Ventures, LLC advises businesses in the following areas:

Visual and Interaction Design
User Research
Internet Technologies and Trends
Product Strategy and Development
Online Advertising Strategy, Technology, and Development

David Shen Ventures, LLC focuses mainly on early stage Internet and Internet-related businesses. The goal is to quickly bring a product to market in an inexpensive way, employ innovation to differentiate from competitors and delight consumers, and test its viability live in the marketplace. Once a product's viability has been validated, David Shen Ventures, LLC helps its businesses strategize on growth to the future.

David Shen is the principal of David Shen Ventures, LLC. His experience spans over 14 years in product design and development from Apple, frogdesign, and Yahoo!. Learn more about David >>


The Tweetstorm that Spawned the 10,000X Startup

This interesting tweetstorm by Dave McClure caught my eye. It was regarding entrepreneurs not wanting to accept a 2x return clause on notes and the high valuation caps on those notes that are running around the Silicon Valley right now....

The Customer Adoption Problem for Health Startups

We can all agree that for today's internet startups, customer acquisition is one of the biggest issues they face. The world is so crowded with apps, things to do, things to grab your attention and waste time - it's one...

All About US Investors for International Startups

A few weeks back I gave this presentation to a group of Kazakh entrepreneurs at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center. They wanted to know about US investors, what they look for in investments, how to find them and how to...

Upstream and Downstream

In mentoring startups, I have noticed two things have come up recently: 1. Entrepreneurs keep remarking to me that investors are looking for multi-tens or hundreds of billions in market size. I believe this is one of the results of...

The Billions of Dollars Opportunity

Time was, if you had at least a hundreds of millions of dollar market, or up to a billion dollar market in your pitch, that was enough to get you funding. But today, I've heard multiple times that even a...

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